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Marc Boudreau on Holidays, Work and Hating My Birthday | Ep. 61

Marc Boudreau joins Optimistically Depressed to discuss the holidays and work. I spill my guts on being worn out by trying to keep a certain image and why I generally hate my birthday.

Plus I have some exciting news about the future of the show. I hope you listen in!

Kristin Vokes and Working with Life | Ep. 60

Alright, tough times are inevitable, so how are you going to deal with it? Because even if you try to avoid it, that’s the way you choose to deal with it.

Kristin Vokes comes back to talk about dealing with your life. Are you going to allow yourself to feel it and work with it or are you going to try to run screaming? We discuss some of our philosophy behind the back and forth of difficult days and how there are always different and still effective ways of working with your life.

Optimistically Depressed LIVE at The Carleton! | Ep. 59

Ok everyone, so I did a live show. It was awesome. I don’t know if everyone in the room enjoyed it as much as I did, but I’m going to assume that’s the case.

This is the most open I have gotten about my life on the podcast so far. In the past, I have usually glazed over what I share in this episode because I’ve been afraid, but this is a part of my story so it’s time I claim it. I’m slowly working on accepting more of my life and being who I am. Which brings me to the next piece I want to share: I swear in this episode.

This may not be a huge deal to many of you, but it is for me. I go into my reasoning for it in the intro so I’ll let you listen to that and come to your own conclusions. This is scary for me, but I’m ready to step in more to who I am right now. Life is uncomfortable, convictions vary, and we just need to be here for each other.

Lee Fraser on How He Gets Sh*t Done | Ep. 58

Ever see a person with lots on the go and wonder how their mind works? Look no further! Lee Fraser gives us an inside peak at how he gets sh*t done. Frankly, while it highly motivated me, it also intimidated me to the point of paralyzed awe. This guy just keeps cranking it out.

Lee is the founder of Live Life InTents, a unique adventure tourism company aimed at providing a turn-key adventure experience completely tailored to what you want to do - when you want to do it.

Have a listen to the highly intelligent and super sweet Lee Fraser and then get your butt in gear.

Kristin Vokes on Cultivating the Witness | Ep. 57

Ever feel like you’re on the edge of realizing something or figuring something out but you just don’t have all the pieces yet? Then you have that one conversation that just fits it so nicely together and you walk away with this resonating “aha!” feeling. Everything makes a little more sense. It makes enough sense, anyway, that you can rest easy for a bit and gain the strength needed to make the next push into trying to further sort out how you want to function in the world.

Welcome to this episode. Kristin Vokes sits down with Optimistically Depressed to dive right into the questions of how to view your life and keep moving. Enjoy the refreshment, everyone. And Happy Halloween.

Holly Carr on Taking Risks & Resilience | Ep. 56

Artist Holly Carr sat down with Optimistically Depressed to discuss what it really means to put yourself out there and how she developed resilience in the risks she took. 

Holly has gained national acclaim for her unique style of silk painting. She has participated in numerous group and solo shows and continues to exhibit nationally.  She has designed for theatre productions and large scale public installations. Her most ambitious installation to date is a larger than life environment created out of painted silk, “Light in the Forest” for Acadia University Art Gallery.  Her work has been widely used in advertising and illustration, including her first children’s book “What is Pink”.  She presently is working on three new books and in recent years, she has branched out to performance art, where she paints large works live on stage.

Kevin Breen on Wrestling and Kidney Disease | Ep. 55

Any wrestling fans out there? Kevin Breen used to be a wrestler (and will be starting his own wrestling podcast soon) but recently began dealing with the physical effects of kidney disease. Kevin shares his coping techniques and new lifestyle to help him stay away from kidney dialysis longer.

Amanda Marie on Big Changes & Ending Relationships | Ep. 54

Ever wonder what it's like to be scared and keep going? Amanda Marie spoke with Optimistically Depressed to discuss developments in her life over the past year including moving to a new province and ending a long-term relationship. 

Sarah MacLellan on Life and Mental Health as a Podcaster | Ep. 53

Podcasting is fun. Life is fun. But neither are fun all the time. And neither are easy all the time. And a lot of the time it is not easy to talk about it, so of course, we talked about it because being open about difficult times are what both of our podcasts are about!

Sarah MacLellan is the host of InTalksicated Podcast, a weekly uncensored drinking comedy podcast, variety talk show and therapy session showcasing unfiltered conversations with friends and local comedians. The guests choose the booze and enlighten her on various topics like dating, relationships, sex, friendship, sexuality, comedy and so much more.

Julya Lynass on What Anxiety and Depression Feels Like | Ep. 52

So you hear someone has anxiety or depression. What pops into your head? Someone who's down a lot or really tense? Those may be some of the symptoms, but it is way more complex than that. Since each of us are unique individuals, we feel depression and anxiety in unique ways. That's why it's important to talk about what it actually feels like; it can help each of us empathize with what is actually happening and it can help others of us identify similarities in ourselves and maybe discover that some of those feelings we have aren't something we should just be "powering through." Maybe they are something that should be addressed and repaired. Imagine that! 

Julya talks about what her depression and anxiety actually feels like and adds her own twist on how she views it in order to take charge and effectively live with it.

Verity Vale on the Misconceptions of Hypnotherapy | Ep. 51

Hypnotherapy? I don't believe in hypnotherapy! *bark* *bark* *bark*

Just kidding! But seriously, how many of us raise an eyebrow when we hear of someone going to a session of hypnotherapy? We automatically think back to that time in high school when the hypnotist visited and made people cluck when they heard a bell ring. But that actually isn't what hypnotherapy is about, and Verity is going to tell you why. So sit back, relax and watch the pocket watch swing back and forth while we bust some of those misconceptions wide open.

Verity qualified in 2017 from the Clifton Practice of Hypnotherapy with a Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. She then ran a Hypnotherapy practice in the Hampshire prior to moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia in July 2018. Prior to becoming a Hypnotherapist, she was a Detective within Hampshire Constabulary, latterly working on Serious and Organized Crime and alongside the Major Investigation Team.

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Ruth McMullen is the founder and host Optimistically Depressed. She can be found making impactful sound waves on her podcast Optimistically Depressed, working with the Halifax Social Network team to create community, while also being present for those she loves and cares about.

Ruth is deeply passionate about creating space for and bringing the internal journey into the light so we can all feel a little less alone. She also happens to have a way of speaking directly into your soul that makes you feel heard, understood and cherished. 

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