Verity Vale on Climbing Mountains and Managing Anxiety | Ep. 72

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Meaghan Smith on Understanding Emotion and Rebuilding Yourself | Ep. 71


I’ve been privileged to know Meaghan Smith for about six years now. She has taught me many valuable lessons involving how to interpret, understand and manage my emotions. Her unique perspective on life is what every storybook dreams of. Each conversation we share leaves me feeling brighter and more optimistic about the future. I’m honoured to be able to share with you one of those conversations.

Veronica Gutierrez on Culture and Mental Health | Ep. 70


You know how they say you need to surround yourself with people who will tell you the truth? Veronica Gutierrez is one of those people, and that is probably how she attracts the same kinds of people as friends. This strong and fiery woman joined me last week for an open conversation about culture, honesty, and mental health.

Brett Hartlin on Using Nature to Ease Anxiety | Ep. 69


We all know that getting outside helps with mental health, so why don’t we do it more? Perhaps we need some inspiration! Brett Hartlin joins Optimistically Depressed to talk about the benefits of getting outside and helps reignite the desire to be a part of nature.

Sean McMullen on Exercise, Saying No and Being Meaningful | Ep. 68


Sean comes back to Optimistically Depressed to talk about making big changes in his exercise habits and saying no more often. We also discuss the frustrations associated with trying to be meaningful in a world full of noise and facing the fear of being meaningless.

Tom Taggart on Hardship, Trauma, War Heroes and Not Diminishing Your Own Struggle | Ep. 67


Tom Taggart returns to the show to talk about not diminishing your own struggle and the importance of hardships in order to learn and grow. We also touch on Star Wars, Elon Musk and the myths of success.

Katie MacLeod on Borderline Personality Disorder and Childhood Cancer | Ep. 66


Up for quite the story? Katie talks about her passions and what it feels like to live with borderline personality disorder. She also shares her experience with being born with cancer. Buckle up and have a listen.

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