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Episode 52

Julya Lynass talks about what her depression and anxiety actually feels like and adds her own twist on how she views it in order to take charge and effectively live with it.

Episode 51

How many of us raise an eyebrow when we hear of someone going to a session of hypnotherapy? We automatically think back to that time in high school when the hypnotist visited and made people cluck when they heard a bell ring. But that actually isn't what hypnotherapy is about, and Verity is going to tell you why. 

Episode 50

Episode 50! Micaela joins Optimistically Depressed to talk about some of her darker thoughts and express how it's ok to talk about them and experience your emotions.

Episode 49

Chelsea Rose joins Optimistically Depressed again to give us an update on how she’s doing and tells us about how it went when she told her parents she’s depressed and pansexual.

Episode 48

Amy Lai joins Optimistically Depressed to discuss her encounter with anxiety, the difference between good anxiety and bad anxiety, and taking responsibility for the life you want to have.

Episode 47

Mike returns to Optimistically Depressed to talk about the mental toll that working in a stressful field takes on you as well as the little known facts of what a correctional officer faces in day to day life on the job.

About Optimistically Depressed

Ruth McMullen is the founder and host Optimistically Depressed. She can be found making impactful sound waves on her podcast Optimistically Depressed, working with the Halifax Social Network team to create community, while also being present for those she loves and cares about.

Ruth is deeply passionate about creating space for and bringing the internal journey into the light so we can all feel a little less alone. She also happens to have a way of speaking directly into your soul that makes you feel heard, understood and cherished. 

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