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Tom Taggart on Hardship, Trauma, War Heroes and Not Diminishing Your Own Struggle | Ep. 67


Tom Taggart returns to the show to talk about not diminishing your own struggle and the importance of hardships in order to learn and grow. We also touch on Star Wars, Elon Musk and the myths of success.

Katie MacLeod on Borderline Personality Disorder and Childhood Cancer | Ep. 66


Up for quite the story? Katie talks about her passions and what it feels like to live with borderline personality disorder. She also shares her experience with being born with cancer. Buckle up and have a listen.

Lindsay Umlah on Being Born With a Congenital Heart Defect & Mental Health | Ep. 65


Lindsay Umlah, co-host of the popular podcast Momgasm, joins Optimistically Depressed for a juicy episode on her rebellious attitude coupled with her experience being born with a congenital heart defect and her mental health.

Todd Veinotte on Swearing, Getting Offended & Respectfulness | Ep. 64


Being in any kind of spotlight brings along more responsibility than you could imagine. There is a constant balancing act between different opinions and how you represent yourself. Corrections and criticisms pour in while you try to stay true to who you are while making thoughtful adjustments and grow. You thicken your skin while trying to remain soft. 

Welcome to the thoughtfulness of Todd Veinotte, radio show host of The Todd Veinotte Show on News 95.7 and an experienced podcaster. Todd shares his thoughts and advice on how to function in an industry that either builds you up or tears you apart. It all depends on how you look at it.

Joel Muise on Anxiety & Tranquility Online | Ep. 63


It's no secret that I have anxiety, so I would love for you to meet my wonderful coach & friend Joel Muise. You've heard from him before on this show, but this time we dove deeper into what Tranquility Online does, the company he co-founded. Prepare for the inside scoop on how some of his and my conversations go!

Tom Taggart on Resilience | Ep. 62


You know that good ol' saying "life is what you make it?" Tom is living proof of that. This guy is such a kind human being whose nature involves creating safety. Tom and I sit down for the second time and discuss many aspects of life, and part of it involves resilience. I am becoming more and more fascinated with what that word means so it was great to hear what it means to Tom and how he practiced it in his own life.

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