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Ruth McMullen is the founder and host Optimistically Depressed. She can be found making impactful sound waves on her podcast Optimistically Depressed, working with the Halifax Social Network team to create community, while also being present for those she loves and cares about.

Ruth is deeply passionate about creating space for and bringing the internal journey into the light so we can all feel a little less alone. She also happens to have a way of speaking directly into your soul that makes you feel heard, understood and cherished. 

Latest Podcast Episodes

Raina Kahn on Rough Childhoods, Depression and Complicated Relationships | Ep. 33

Raina Kahn joins Optimistically Depressed for round two where we discuss rough childhoods, the effects of depression on relationships and much more. 


Pain & Tragedy with Ruth & Sean McMullen | Ep. 32

Ruth and Sean discuss the past week and a half after receiving heartbreaking news.


Ryan McMullen on Social Anxiety, Family and Self-Motivation | Ep. 31

Ryan McMullen joins Optimistically Depressed to talk about his experiences with social anxiety back in high school, the importance of family, motivating himself and what mental health looks like to him. Special guest introduction to the episode from Ruth's husband Sean as she is away this week in Ontario. 


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